JULIA’S MONTHLY BLOG (whatever is a blog?)

MARCH 2022

Oh me oh my, what a dreary start to March,, high winds rain and hard spring tides. Just not good for fishing….

So this month still on a Bass closure so only farmed again on the counter. however still have a little bit of vac packed frozen wild fillet left..

Hopefully the local boats will be back out next week fishing for flat fish, desperately need to get some fantastic local fish.

However in the meantime were lucky to get the freshest catch up from the Brixham market.

I am sorry to report the rising prices on many of our staples,,, we saw ~Scottish farmed salmon rise by a massive £5 per kg right on the end of last month. Following the rise in prices of the white fish. Today i enquired of some Brixham Brill and nearly fell off my chair , so i apologise if the counter is looking a little understocked a.t.m. Just holding out to see better weather conditions, bringing better prices on the market for yourselves the consumers.

So far i don’t have any specific events to publicise this month, obvs ill post on social media any exciting developments to this. However the first day of lent is today 2nd march so if your giving up rich foods and want to eat fish as a cleaner healthier option come and see what we have.

If you want to stay up to date throughout the month on the on goings of Swanage Bay Fish keep an eye out to our social media pages.

Wishing you all the very best of the month


I cant believe its February already,, that means on the 21st of this month Swanage bay fish has been open and trading for 13 years… wowser where has that time gone.

This month is a quiet month in the shop, time for me to get on and get all the bits and bobs done, maintenance paperwork etc up together.

This year i aim to keep the wonderful Brian in the shop helping me out on those busier mornings, so keeping your waiting times down, don’t want you getting cold queuing, however with the wonderful Java expanded even closer next door you can get a lovely hot coffee while you wait.

What can we expect from the sea……

Well white fish at its best in the colder months,,, we may even catch some local cod in our nets, most definitely see pollack and whiting, so a cheaper alternative. Mid Feb the Sole netters should be out between here and the Isle of Wight so fingers crossed, may also see some brill and turbot if were very lucky. Were already getting abit of Ray which always sells well and so easy to cook. Ill definitely be topping up the counter with fish up from the Brixham market. Weve had some lovely fat herrings in and massive big mackerel from down the west so keep topping up your omega 3 oils with your oily fish.

OH I almost forgot most importantly the local wild bass fishery is on a closure for the next couple of months to give the fish time to breed, so if sea bass is your fish of choice we will be offering farmed bass whole / fillets (country of origin turkey/Greece) or i have vac packed and frozen a bunch of fillets from our very own local wild bass what i will be getting out for the counter from time to time….I wish id frozen more!

Dont for get to ask to have you fish filleted if the bones put you off, Brian and i are expert fishmongers and both enjoy the tasks of preparing your fish, despite having very cold fingers at the moment.

Thursday deliveries are very few so check out the website on how and when if that is better for you.

Fishy events this month……

get your tickets for the FISH FESTIVAL QUIZ.. Monday 21st Feb at the Con club swanage ,,, £10 per ticket includes cheese and nibbles… get your teams of up to six together and support this years fish festival…

Here’s to a fantastic February.


Wow what a summer we’ve had, the town has been busy and the weather wasn’t so bad, so lots of BBQ’s and with no covid restrictions plenty of fishy feasts and platter parties.

So winters here and its about to be Christmas,, so I’m just publishing the festive opening hours, please do get your orders in early so i can accommodate your every need. Also be aware we will be closing at midday on the dot, Christmas eve, (I’m traveling up to Manchester to be with my daughter for Christmas, a first,, and by train which I pray is running so ill have just a couple of hours to be ready and to Bournemouth station on time…

lets talk fish now…. after all that’s what you want to hear. Terry will be spending more time weather and tide permitting out in his boat netting for the freshest fish from the bay, now that the summer potting season is over… Mainly Pollack and still Mullet at the moment, .. He will be also bottom netting so fingers crossed for some flat fish, ,Dover Sole, Plaice, Ray. The problem with the bottom nets is the seaweed,, after the storms it churns up the weed and that clogs the nets…

I’m trying to ramp up the home delivery service for those of you that cannot fit a trip to the fish shop into your busy schedules and obvs if your just physically unable., Even though you wont be able to see what we have on the counter I will only supply you the best and freshest of what we have to offer. Simply contact me via phone or email the day before by 2pm for a next day delivery, With high fuel prices I’m sorry i cannot offer a free service for orders under £10 or outside of Swanage Town but we can come to arrangements subject to your requirements. I do have a very good vac packing machine which extends the freezer life of the products so those that wish to bulk buy hence saving on delivery costs this is a great idea.

wishing you all a cosy winter.