Our Fish

All our fish is sourced as fresh and as sustainable as possible, whether it is locally or nationally caught.  Whilst we aim to keep the “food miles” down as much as possible on all our fish there are times when quality has to come before locality.

We cannot put prices to our fish on the website as the prices flutuate according to market conditions, seasonality and the weather.  Below is a list of the fish we generally stock.  Market conditions and seasonality will cause this to change so it is often best to call in at the shop to see what is on offer, or give us a ring on 01929 422288.

Fresh Fish

  • Atlantic Cod fillet
  • Atlantic Haddock fillet
  • West Country Hake, steaks or fillet
  • West Country Coley fillet
  • West Country Ling fillet
  • Local and West Country Plaice
  • West Country Brill
  • West Country Lemon Sole
  • West Country Megrim Sole
  • Local Sea Bass
  • Local Grey Mullet
  • Local Farmed Rainbow Trout
  • Local and West Coutry Mackerel
  • Local and West Country Huss
  • Farmed Salmon
  • Farmed Sea Bass fillet
  • Farmed Gilt Head Bream

Smoked Fish

  • Hot & Cold Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked Haddock
  • Kippers (Whole)
  • Kippers (Fillets)
  • Smoked Mackerel


From our own boat fished between Swanage and St Aldhelm’s Head.

  • Whole Cooked Crab
  • Whole Cooked Lobster
  • Whole Dressed Crab
  • Whole Dressed Lobster
  • Half Dressed Lobster
  • West Country Mussels
  • Lyme Bay Scallops

Frozen Fish and Shellfish

We also have an extensive range of frozen products including;

Prawns (Raw Tiger, Coldwater, shell on and off) and other shell fish including Cockles and Mussels and Clams etc.

Kippers, whole fillets and traditional superior Manx Whole Kipper.

Please drop into the shop or call us on 01929 422288 to enquire about prices and amounts.


We stock a large variety of sauces, soups and condiments to accompany your fish and shellfish,

Atkins and Potts cold jars of tartare, seafood sauce and different mayonnaise, also warm pour over sauces, white wine, and parsley..

Plaza del Sol,  Paella seasoning and rice.

Sushi chef, rice wine vinegar, oyster sauce, fish sauce, nori seaweed, wasabi paste, rice noodle.

El Navarrico, a superior rich fish stock (contains shellfish)

Englert, clear fish stock (does not contain shellfish)

also , tinned fish, (anchovies, sardines tuna) Breadcrumbs (panko, and natural) tomato ketchup. saffron and garlic.

Marine Gormet, french fish soup (bottle)

also other fish soups in jars and tins…

please note all of the above is subject to availability and occasional change of branding.

We also supply fresh parsley, lemons, shallots, potatoes and samphire grass.