Johnny Starfish’s Mackerel Fillets with Beetroot Salsa

Serves 2



4 Mackerel Fillets

1 Banana Shallot

1 Tomato

1 Cooked Beetroot

1 Packet (250g) Brown Rice

Lemon Juice

Oil for Frying

Salt and pepper for seasoning



  1. Finely dice the shallot, tomato and beetroot.  Mix together in a bowl and season to taste.
  2. Pour a little oil in a hot frying pan and place the mackerel fillets skin side down and fry until the flesh turns white.
  3. Flip the fillets over and fry for a minute or so to colour the flesh.
  4. Whilst the fish is cooking heat the rice.
  5. When all is cooked arrange on a plate and drizzle with the lemon juice.  Serve with Hot Gooseberry Chutney or horseradish sauce.