There is now no minimum order amount (although i do have the right to refuse to deliver any order.)

As many of you are now revisiting the shop, my delivery slots have reduced considerably, therefore it is no longer cost effective to remain closed weds and Thursdays to process the orders, this now posses a problem of time (and energy) I am now in effect doing both jobs alongside each other. The problem with this is time, if i am processing many orders i cannot then also serve in the shop and leave to deliver at a reasonable time. What i am asking for the time being at least is that i only deliver to the most in need, those that are genuinely shielding. ( i will leave that decision up to you!) 

Order you fish preferably by email swanagbayfish@live.com before 3pm tuesday, or by phoning me at the shop 01929 422288,  for  deliveries on a Thursday after 3.30pm to Swanage and Herston

Deliveries to areas outside Swanage will be considered on an individual basis.

Please note all orders subject to availability 

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